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Meet the Transitions Specialists at California Wealth Transitions

Looking for someone who can make your life a bit easier, or help you figure out exactly what you should do next? We have just the people.

More than financial advisors. We are problem solvers, communicators, coaches, and bridge builders.  

Meet the Founding Team

California Wealth Transitions was founded in 2012 by Keith and Nicki Brandt, with the sole purpose of helping individuals in southern California navigate the complexities of life’s changes. With the belief that expert advice can make all the difference for the future, Keith and Nicki take a compassionate approach to assisting high-net-worth individuals and families walking through divorce, planning for retirement, anticipating a transfer of wealth to the next generation, or transitioning their business to someone new. Going beyond financial planning and investment advice, Keith and Nicki truly believe in taking a comprehensive approach. Collaborating with other professionals and drawing on their expertise can make a significant difference when making decisions for the future. 

Meet Keith

Our Transitions Experts

Our industry professionals have more than a combined 80 years of industry experience and knowledge that they are ready to put to work for you. Each team member has a unique background that makes them an integral part of our team. Get to know who you’ll be working with at California Wealth Transitions! Every client is treated with respect, dignity, and compassion.

Meet the Team